Buying on-line

Shopping on is very easy. Just browse through our items and add what you like to your cart by clicking the "Add to cart" button beside the item. Make sure to select your size and colour or enter any additional information if required/available. If you would like to add more items to your basked click the "Continue" button, or if you are done select the "Checkout" button. Then just select the billing and delivery options and then the payment type.

If you select PayPal as your payment type, you will be directed to the web-site to complete the transaction and input your card details. For ROI customers you do not have to have, or sign up for a PayPal account. Please note PayPal is one of the world’s largest and safest ways for secure credit card transactions on the internet. If you select any other payment type, you will see the confirmation page with the relevant instructions after you confirm the order details.


We accept the following payment types:

  • Credit card – via PayPal
  • Cheque, Postal/Money Orders - orders are processed on receipt/clear of payment
  • Payment on collection in-store - call us to arrange a time and date.


  • Pre-Paid Credit Cards:


There are now lots of ways customers can avail of pre-paid credit cards to make on-line payments. These are cards that can be applied for or purchased on-line or in some stores like Spar/Centra or o2. Basically you purchase these cards and topup with cash at your selected place.

Here are some of the different options available for these cards:

1. SWIRL MASTERCARD - Can be purchased and topped up in most Payzone points like Spar & Centra etc. See website with details of how to purchase and use - Website here

2. The O2 Money Card - Can be purchased and topped up in any O2 store. See website with details of how to purchase and use - Website here

3. Rubycard MasterCard - Can be purchased on-line and topped up in any Payzone or PayPoint. See website with details of how to purchase and use - Website here

4. 3v Visa Card - Can be applied for on their website and is sent to your home. Can then be topped up at any Payzone store. See website with details of how to obtain and use - Website here

With so many options now available to use these pre-paid credit cards, you have no reason not to logon and avail of the great deals we have available on

If none of these types of payment suit you, please call us to arrange another.

We look forward to your business...

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